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    Set Delphin BRITON

    Perfectly made set which every single detail has been thought carefully. It will attract you at first sight by its minimalistic design which is timeless what means that it will look modern even after several years of being used. After having it in hand for the first time, your feelings will be also very positive. All parts are faultlessly made, they all match together and their design and made is on a very high level. All used materials are the best including noble made aluminium covers for speakers. Speakers are definitely the best and the strongest design articles of this set. All plastic parts are rubber coated which evokes the look of much more expensive set.

    Difficult access to the batteries is the past. BRITON is significant for its great Access to its supply which makes fitting batteries before fishing is very fast and easy. Receiver and bite alarm are supplied by AAA type batteries. The bonus is that the batteries are included in the package for free. After long-term tests the set was distinguished by its significant durability of battery and was tested in really extreme weather conditions (-25°C up to + 35°C).

    Depending on the conditions such as (surrounding environment, density of forest cover or battery capacity) the set has the range of more than 200m. Thanks to its special shape and covering of the electronics it has a great resistance towards water. Even heavy rain will not disconnect the connection of your receiver and bite alarm.

    It is switched on by means of joysticks which guarantee that you can manipulate with it in the darkness without any problems. Statistically this mechanism is less tending to the damage. Receiver and bite alarm have 8 different tunes and 8 different levels of volume (including the silent mode). The receiver also has vibration mode, low battery indication and memory for setting. The set comes with a belt for higher comfort. The alarm provides the possibility to illuminate the bell, fitting snag ears, there are 5 levels of sensitivity (from 0.8 up to 4.0cm), low battery indication and input for 2,5mm jack. It keeps setting in its memory. The bell can be mechanically blocked by means of magnet which means that when being attached to the rod-pod it will not show false bites.

    When you buy a complete set, you will get strong case and detailed manual in several languages. You will be very happy about its easy use after the first use.
    We guarantee the top quality of Delphin BRITON and this is the reason why we provide 3 years warranty for this set!

    Prices and variants

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    900022430 Set Delphin BRITON
    101.99 €
    900022431 Set Delphin BRITON
    132.48 €
    900022432 Set Delphin BRITON
    162.97 €
    900022450 Alarm for set Delphin BRITON
    30.49 €
    900022455 Reciever for set Delphin BRITON
    30.49 €
    900022460 Alarm for set Delphin BRITON
    30.49 €
    900022470 Alarm for set Delphin BRITON
    30.49 €
    900022480 Alarm for set Delphin BRITON
    30.49 €