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    Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green

    Kyoto is among the top class of Delphin fishing lines that are made in Japan. Thanks to its extraordinary abrasion resistance and zero stretch properties, this line is a blessing for anyone fishing in the toughest of terrains where you have to respond immediately even to the slightest of tugs. This fishing line is very suitable for ultra lightweight spin fishing and feeder fishing. The qualities of the thinner diameters are also suitable for making fly fishing rigs... KYOTO is just an exceptional fishing line that can be used with most fishing techniques that require the line to have zero stretch properties, making it easier for you to quickly react to even the gentlest of tugs. Kyoto is based on a medium hard core with a hard and smooth surface. The combination of these two attributes makes it an ideal fishing line if you need a zero stretch monofilament with excellent knot strength that is resistant to mechanical damage to its surface.

    MM/LBS: 0.117mm/2.8lbs, 0.128mm/3.4lbs, 0.148mm/4.5lbs, 0.165mm/5.6lbs, 0.181mm/6.7lbs, 0.203mm/8.4lbs, 0.234mm/10.3lbs

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000114 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,117mm 1,3kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000115 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,128mm 1,5kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000116 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,148mm 2,0kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000117 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,165mm 2,5kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000118 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,181mm 3,0kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000119 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,203mm 3,8kg 50m
    3.29 €
    101000120 Monofilament Delphin KYOTO green
    0,234mm 4,7kg 50m
    3.29 €

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