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    Set Delphin TOTEM

    Extremely compact dimensions of the indicator and receiver in an ergonomic shape. Delphin TOTEM offers complete waterproof indicator and the receiver with a great range up to 150m depending on ambient conditions. The indicator has an ultra-bright LED diode with a very long life. It is powered by 9V battery which ensures its long operating time. A good thing is an alarm, which with a short beep and a LED light alerts you about reduced capacity of the battery- below 5V (receiver also beeps). TOTEM offers the opportunity to test all its features. It has 4 volume levels including silent mode, 4 different tones and 4 levels of sensitivity. In the dark you will appreciate the possibility of turning on the night diode. A 2.5mm jack input allows you to connect an illuminated shot indicator. Thick rubber coating in the rod contact area with the indicator prevents rod damaging. The indicator lights for 15 seconds after the shot (also the receiver). The receiver is powered by 3 pieces of AAA batteries. On the back it has a detachable clip for attaching, for example on a belt. A hard carrying case for safe transport and protection of the set out of a season is a certainty, this case holds the set up to 4 + 1 configuration. The receiver has 5 volume levels including silent mode and the ability to adjust 4 tone levels. TOTEM is a high-quality signal device with all features you can use while fishing. Night LED diode, waterproof alarm and also the receiver or test function with low battery warning. These are just a few of the extra features of Delphin TOTEM.

    The Delphin TOTEM set can be paired with the LightCONTACT light.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000233 Set Delphin TOTEM
    72.95 €
    101000234 Set Delphin TOTEM
    94.95 €
    101000235 Set Delphin TOTEM
    116.95 €
    101000236 Alarm for set Delphin TOTEM
    24.95 €
    101000237 Alarm for set Delphin TOTEM
    24.95 €
    101000238 Alarm for set Delphin TOTEM
    24.95 €
    101000239 Alarm for set Delphin TOTEM
    24.95 €
    101001062 Delphin LightCONTACT 6 + 1 LED bivvy Light
    31.95 €

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