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Veľkosklad rybárske potreby MOSS.SK, Delphin, FIN

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    Crossbody bag Delphin ATAK! Swift

    Crossbody Delphin ATAK! Swift is an ideal bag of a compact size designed for spinning enthusiasts. Its big advantage is, you can simply turn it to the front and take out whatever you need when changing the lures. You don´t need to put it off your shoulder like other bags.

    The Swift consists of one large pocket, containing one plastic box with and will be closed by Velcro fastener. The plastic box comes as part of the bag and has detachable inner traverses. Another smaller zippered pocket is designed for storing your lures. It was designed, to allow the angler a fast and comfortable replacing of lures. This pocket can be opened only to a certain position and there is a sewn in fabric on both sides of the corners. It is also equipped with a magnet at the bottom of the pocket. This clever design prevents the contents from falling off. One side of the pocket comes with a thicker profiled EVA foam layer, where you can place voblers, spinners, spoons or jigs. On the inside is also a small zippered pocket, where you can keep swivels, quick snap swivels, hooks, etc. The smallest pocket on the front is designed for storing fishing accessories such as pliers and other equipment.

    On the back side, there is a padding in orange color, also matching the zippers of the same color. The shoulder strap is black and is fitted with an orange plastic clip.
    Crossbody is equipped with quality orange zippers. The zipper pullers are equipped with a plastic drawstring fitted with wider orange strap, which makes them easy to open. The applied orange accessories are making the bags more visible, even in the dark and so they won´t get lost. The bag is made of a light, but durable black fabric.

    Thanks to its clever design and high quality of detail, our crossbody bag ATAK! Swift received the Grand Prix Award at the For Fishing 2020 fair, in the category: Spin fishing.

    Technical parameters:
    Size of the bag: 25x35x13cm
    Front pocket size: 25x29cm
    Side pockets size: 14x20cm
    Box size: 27x 18 x 4cm
    Number of compartments: 6-18
    Replacement box options: TBX One 275 - 1P Clip WP, TBX One 275 - 3P Clip WP, TBX One 275 - 5P Clip, TBX One 276 - 16P Clip, TBX One 273 - 5P Clip

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000451 Crossbody bag Delphin ATAK! Swift
    41.49 €
    101000889 Spare foam panel with slots for crossbody bag Delphin ATAK! Swift
    3.90 €

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