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    Delphin INOX

    Delphin INOX presents a series of carp reels that will impress at first sight with their dark gray matte design with glossy black elements. Besides, the elegant design is completed by a precisely crafted wooden handle, which fits perfectly in the hand. The INOX series comes in two versions with the name 70D and 80D. The smaller brother with the sign 70D has more compact dimensions and lower weight, which predestines it especially for hunting in smaller waters. The 80D is a high-capacity reel that, thanks to its robust design, can handle even the most difficult challenges on your carp expeditions. It has a spool that can hold a really large amount of line and that allows fishing even at great distances and is also suitable for long-distance casting. The main difference, apart from the dimensions, is the design of the handle. The 80D has a standard mounting handle design in which the axle is guided through the body of the reel and tightened with a screw on the other side. The handle of the 70D model is fixed by screwing directly into the body of the reel, so it has not any free motion. Inside both models, there are 6 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings that ensure smooth and smooth running. The rotating head of the reel is provided with inconspicuous parts, which serve as a prevention against the line falling under the spool and its consecutive tangling. Both models have a system of slow oscillation called. "Slow oscillation", which ensures thorough placement of the line on the spool. Thanks to this feature, the line is unwound from the reel much easier when casting, which predisposes it to long throws. Internal components made of stainless steel in combination with resistance to saltwater guarantee a long service life and make it a reel even in the most demanding conditions. It is also possible to buy a spare deep and shallow spool for the basic package.

    Technical parameters:
    INOX 70D
    Line capacity 70D mm/m: 0.28/470, 0.30/410, 0.32/360
    Line capacity 70S mm/m: 0.28/220, 0.30/195, 0.32/170
    Gear ratio: 4.8: 1
    Bearings: 6 + 1
    Weight: 560g

    INOX 80D
    Line capacity 80D mm/m: 0.28/700, 0.30/610, 0.32/540
    Line capacity 80S mm/m: 0.28/470, 0.30/410, 0.32/360
    Gear ratio: 4.3: 1
    Bearings: 6 + 1
    Weight: 670g

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000968 Delphin INOX 70
    79.90 €
    101000969 Delphin INOX 80
    89.90 €
    101000970 Deep spare spool Delphin INOX 70 D
    14.90 €
    101000971 Deep spare spool Delphin INOX 80 D
    16.90 €
    101000972 Shallow spare spool Delphin INOX 80 S
    14.90 €
    101000973 Shallow spare spool Delphin INOX 80 S
    16.90 €

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