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    Delphin ABSOLUT

    ABSOLUT is the line with the highest linear bearing capacity and extremely low expandability. It is one of the strongest and least ductility among all monofilament lines in the market. Thanks to this attributes, even the tiny bite is felt immediately on the rod´s tip. Its great attributes are even better at a lower diameter. The same attributes from the core to its surface influences its durability. At the final stage of manufacturing the line was heated to precisely set temperature and the surface was smoothed and the friction was lowered. The line is smooth and resistant towards damage or hits.

    Please note: Limited factor for bearing capacity is the knot. In case you notice unwanted knot on your line, immediately cut it off and make a new rig again. The way you tide your knot significantly influences its bearing capacity. Tightening the knot should be done slowly and carefully.

    Delphin guarantee: The information on the label regarding the diameter as well as its bearing capacity is real. Please do not compare with competitors labels. Delphin´s numbers are real with the tolerance +/- 10%.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    101000980 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,10mm 2,3lbs
    1.99 €
    101000981 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,12mm 3,1lbs
    1.99 €
    101000982 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,14mm 4,3lbs
    1.99 €
    101000983 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,16mm 5,6lbs
    1.99 €
    101000984 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,18mm 6,9lbs
    1.99 €
    101000985 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,20mm 8,7lbs
    1.99 €
    101000986 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,22mm 10,4lbs
    1.99 €
    101000987 Delphin ABSOLUT transp. 50m
    0,25mm 13,2lbs
    1.99 €