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    Delphin FlatLUX

    FlatLux8 is an innovative successor to the popular AP8 FlatLux model. The extra spacious chair bed with a flat and very durable steel construction without a fixable joint is by right considered for our top comfortable and luxurious model among fishing bed beds. The generous size of up to 205x95cm offers real relaxation on your fishing expeditions. Soft and rough mattress with a fleece surface in khaki color ensures great comfort. The whole design is complemented by green 600D fabric along the edges and black fleece with a logo on the head part. Besides, the mattress is complemented by sophisticated ergonomic elements that enhance its maximum comfort. In the lower part, there is a special washable material, thanks to which you can lie on it even with your shoes on and do not have to worry about its deterioration. If you get this area dirty, it is no problem to clean it easily - it is the NO PROBLEM zone. The toughness of the mattress can be adjusted in the upper, middle, and lower parts using ropes. Which, unlike commonly used rubber ones, do not lose their strength even over time. From the bottom above the joint mechanism, the mattress is protected by a reinforced durable fabric. Every single pair of legs has a locking system, so there is no risk of unwanted overturning or arbitrary folding of the legs when moving the bed. Besides, the inner two pairs of legs have a reinforced construction. Robust and flexible heels adapt to any uneven terrain and prevent sinking into soft ground. The height of the chair bed is 40 cm, but after extending the telescopic legs it is up to a respectable 55 cm! Such a high chair bed offers extreme comfort when lying-down or getting-up, but also provides a large space for storing various pieces of luggage. The specialty is the internal zippable space in the underhead part, in which you can put small stuff in which you always have them at the tips of one's fingers. After folding, the chair bed can be fixed with a detachable strap with a solid plastic clip, thanks to which there is no risk of it opening during transport. If you are looking for the most comfortable chair bed that you can easily fit with your mate, then FlatLux8 will not disappoint you.

    Technical parameters:
    Mattress dimensions: 205x95cm
    Bed height: 40-55cm
    Fixable joint: no
    Weight: 13.5kg
    Transport dimensions: 95x85x32cm

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000999 Delphin FlatLUX
    259.90 €

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