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    Delphin LEEDER FDR

    A sturdy and robust reel with a teaser lever for a very affordable price, that is very visually satisfying especially for fans of feeder fishing. Thanks to the distinctive dark-red and black colour combination it perfectly matches with Delphin accessories that are designed for feeder fishing. However, it also has its uses for carp fishing and when fishing for other types of fish using the bottom fishing technique.

    The base of the reel is a body made of extremely strong and hardened ABS plastic, which can easily withstand heavy wear and tear. Its smooth and trouble free usage is ensured by a balanced rotor and a system of 5+1 ball bearings. The metal handle is equipped with a massive knob covered in rubber, which fits perfectly between the fingers and makes the reeling very easy. In addition, it can be mounted on the left and right side. Besides the teaser lever the drag knob uses a specially shaped screw making even the finest of adjustments possible, very appreciated by fans of this system. The metal spool is designed in a conical shape, which improves the properties of the reel when casting and unwinding the line. Besides that it also has two metal clips, which allow the line to be clipped over several distances to make each of your casts very precise. The Delphin Leeder FDR is equipped with a so-called "carbon drag" knob using carbon pads, which enable developing a great amount of drag force to stop the escaping fish.

    Technical parameters:

    Model: Delphin Leeder FDR 5T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.18/400, 0.22/265, 0.26/200
    Gear ratio: 5.5:1
    Number of bearings: 5+1
    Weight: 440g

    Model: Delphin Leeder FDR 6T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.18/540, 0.22/365, 0.26/255
    Gear ratio: 5.5:1
    Number of bearings: 5+1
    Weight: 480g

    Model: Delphin Leeder FDR 7T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.18/750, 0.22/515, 0.26/365
    Gear ratio: 5.5:1
    Number of bearings: 5+1
    Weight: 530g

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001222 Delphin LEEDER FDR 5T
    size 5000
    37.95 €
    101001223 Delphin LEEDER FDR 6T
    size 6000
    38.95 €
    101001224 Delphin LEEDER FDR 7T
    size 7000
    39.95 €
    101001240 Shallow spool Delphin LEEDER FDR 5T SH
    10.99 €
    101001241 Shallow spool Delphin LEEDER FDR 6T SH
    10.99 €
    101001242 Shallow spool Delphin LEEDER FDR 7T SH
    10.99 €

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