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    Delphin ELIXIR

    An unusually designed reel with a front brake at an affordable price. This is the Delphin ELIXIR, which with its green-black design stands out from the range of compact reels, suitable for spinning, feeder or float fishing.

    The basis of the reel is a body made of a light composite material, which guarantees a long life thanks to its durability. The mechanism with a balanced rotor and a gear ratio of 5.0: 1 ensures smooth running and thorough placement of the line on a metal spool. The lightweight handle and spool of the reel contributes to the reduction of the total weight, thanks to which ELIXIR is a great companion even during all-day fishing.

    The reel is produced in three different sizes, which only underlines its versatility. Additional coils can also be purchased for each size as needed.

    Technical parameters:

    Model: Delphin ELIXIR 2T
    Reel capacity mm / m: 0.14/390, 0.16/300, 0.18/240
    Gear ratio: 5.0: 1
    Number of bearings: 3+1
    Weight: 235g

    Model: Delphin ELIXIR 3T
    Reel capacity mm / m: 0.16/350, 0.18/275, 0.20/230
    Gear ratio: 5.0: 1
    Number of bearings: 3+1
    Weight: 244g

    Model: Delphin ELIXIR 4T
    Reel capacity mm / m: 0.18/375, 0.20/300, 0.22/245
    Gear ratio: 5.0: 1
    Number of bearings: 3+1
    Weight: 270g

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001243 Delphin ELIXIR 2T
    size 2000
    15.99 €
    101001244 Delphin ELIXIR 3T
    size 3000
    16.99 €
    101001245 Delphin ELIXIR 4T
    size 4000
    17.99 €
    101001252 Spare spool Delphin ELIXIR 2T
    5.89 €
    101001253 Spare spool Delphin ELIXIR 3T
    5.89 €
    101001254 Spare spool Delphin ELIXIR 4T
    5.89 €

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