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    Delphin IXTREK

    IXTREK is expanding its range of compact reels with a front drag knob with a quality model at an affordable price. Whether you are a fan of a spin, feeder or float fishing, with the Delphin IXTREK is always a hit!

    The dark surface with red accessories makes it a truly exclusive in terms of design. The core pillar of the reel is a tried and tested mechanism with a perfectly balanced rotor, making its usage very smooth and trouble free. The body is made of a light composite material, which ensures a great lifespan and excellent resistance to mechanical damage.
    The handle of the IXTREK reel is attached to the body by screwing it into the inner nut, which minimizes any play of the components and creates a very sturdy connection. The knob of the handle itself is covered in rubber, making it very pleasant and comfortable to the touch. In addition, it effectively makes the reel aesthetically complete.

    The reel is available in three different sizes, so you can have a lot of fun regardless of which fishing technique ju turn to. Besides that it is possible to purchase additional metal coils for each size separately as well as additional carbon drag pads.

    Technical parameters:

    Model: Delphin IXTREK 2T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.12/350, 0.14/250, 0.18/150
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Number of bearings: 6+1
    Weight: 246g

    Model: Delphin IXTREK 3T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.14/360, 0.18/215, 0.20/175
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Number of bearings: 6+1
    Weight: 254g

    Model: Delphin IXTREK 4T
    Line capacity mm/m: 0.18/315, 0.20/255, 0.22/210
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Number of bearings: 6+1
    Weight: 289g

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001246 Delphin IXTREK 2T
    size 2000
    35.95 € In stock from
    28th February 2022
    101001247 Delphin IXTREK 3T
    size 3000
    36.95 € In stock from
    28th February 2022
    101001248 Delphin IXTREK 4T
    size 4000
    37.95 € In stock from
    28th February 2022
    101001255 Spare spool Delphin IXTREK 2T
    7.49 €
    101001256 Spare spool Delphin IXTREK 3T
    7.49 €
    101001257 Spare spool Delphin IXTREK 4T
    7.49 €
    101001261 Carbon washers Delphin IXTREK / IXCELA 3x
    4.19 €

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