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    Set Delphin CarpPool + C-VAK

    Limited set of luxury unhooking mat and quality carpsack.

    Delphin CarpPool is a premium unhooking mat available in green color. It comes with some very practical and innovative solutions. It offers high quality of used materials and craftmanship. It comes together with a handy bag suitable for transport. In addition, it is padded with a thicker and stiffer foam all the way round and also equipped with a thicker mattress at the bottom, able to protect even the heaviest carps. The upper part is designed to secure the catch, in case, it will try to jump off, which consists of a large visor made of rubber mesh attached to couple of places by Velcro fasteners. On the bottom, there is a reinforced rubber mesh, which allows to drain out the water faster. The removable mattress is attached to the bottom by Velcro fasteners, which is quite handy, when letting it out to dry. You will also find zippers on both ends, reinforced by Velcro fasteners. These are very handy when it comes to releasing of carps back into the water. The sewed nylon handlebars are designed to create an X-shape underneath and providing more support all the way round, when carrying heavy carps. Delphin CarpPool is a unhooking mat without any compromises, making it easy for the angler to handle and release even the biggest carps.

    Technical parameters:
    Dimensions: 110x60x25cm
    Wall thickness: 3cm
    Thickness of mat: 3cm
    Transport dimensions: 70x30x30cm

    This carp sack is designed for safe keeping of your catch. Thanks to closing with a zip and a lug it is great for safe weighting of the catch. It is made of extra soft textile with a micro loops thanks to which the catch isn´t damaged or torn. The seams joining the textile are very well resistant and strong. Lugs are sewed along the whole sack guarantee better durability of the product. The top part is closed by means of a zip. The clips are added to side corners which when connected to a line and two metal loops allow anchoring the whole sack. This whole weighting sack comes in a transport case.

    Technical parameters:
    Size: 115x72cm
    The length of the line for anchoring: 300cm
    Size of the bag: 24x24cm

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Original price Retail price In stock
    101001262 Set Delphin CarpPool + C-VAK
    98.89 € 84.90 € In stock from
    8th February 2021

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