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  • Set Delphin Delphin CODER

    Delphin CODER is a set of electronic signaling devices with listening, where an ideal ratio of the favourable price with the performance is met. In particiular, its advantages are reliability and 100% functionality, easily comparable to more expensive sets. Signal between the beacons and the monitor can be transmitted to a distance of up to 140 m in ideal conditions. The whole set comes in a hard plastic case that takes care of safety during transport.

    The signaller is powered by a 1x12V battery type LR23A, which has a sufficiently long life. In the event of a low battery, the indicator will alert you with a short beep. Use the "V" switch to select one of the 5 volume levels, including a silent mode. It is also possible to select the desired tone and sensitivity level (in the range 1-9cm), which also has 5 different levels. An indisputable bonus of the signaling devices from the CODER set is the possibility to choose from 7 colours of the signaling LED diode. Everyone can choose their favorite and if you want to change, you can simply choose another colour as per the instructions. A different tone will alert you to the snapshot, and the memory LED will light for 15 seconds after each shot. At the bottom, there is an input for a 2.5 mm connector for connecting a light indicator. It is also possible to turn on the position diode during night fishing.

    Listening reliably signals the shot by sound, light and, in the case of switching the lever to the right position, by vibration too. Using the "V" switch, it is possible to select one of the 5th volume levels, including the silent mode, and use the switch marked "T" to select the desired tone. The monitor has four color LEDs that light up continuously for 15 seconds after the shot. It is powered by a 1x9V battery. When its life is coming to an end, it will be indicated by a continuous short beep. The monitor, like the beacons, stores all selected settings.

    It is possible to store the maximum configuration of 3 + 1 (3 pieces of signalers and one receiver) in the case of this set.

    The Delphin CODER set can be paired with the LightCONTACT light.

    Technical parameters:

    Set 2+1 contains:
    - 2x Bite alarm
    - 1x Receiver
    - 1x Transport case
    - 1x Belt receiver holder

    RECEIVER / functions:
    - 5 volume levels (V-wheel, including silent mode)
    - 5 different signaling tones (T wheel)
    - Vibration mode (toggle switch - right position)
    - 4 color signaling LEDs
    - Selected settings stores in memory
    - ON / OFF / VIBRATION toggle switch
    - Memory diode - lit continuously for 15 sec. after the bite
    - Low battery indication (continuous bite beep)
    - Kit range test mode
    - Range 140m depending on the terrain
    - Power supply 1x9V battery

    BITE ALARM / functions:
    - Waterproof - 5 volume levels (V-wheel, including silent mode)
    - 5 different signaling tones
    - 5 sensitivity levels (wheel S)
    - 7 possible colors of the signaling diode
    - Selected settings stores in memory
    - Backbite signal - different tone
    - Memory diode - lit continuously for 15 sec. after the bite
    - Low battery indication with a short beep
    - Position night diode
    - Non-slip rod bed
    - Input for 2.5 mm jack
    - Power supply 1x12V (type LR23A)

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    '21 101001353 Set Delphin Delphin CODER
    79.90 € In stock from
    23rd June 2021
    '21 101001354 Set Delphin Delphin CODER
    102.90 € In stock from
    23rd June 2021
    '21 101001355 Set Delphin Delphin CODER
    125.90 € In stock from
    23rd June 2021
    '21 101001356 Alarm for set CODER
    24.90 €
    '21 101001360 Reciever for set CODER
    24.90 € In stock from
    23rd June 2021
    '21 101001062 Delphin LightCONTACT 6 + 1 LED bivvy Light
    29.90 €

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