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    Carp landing net Delphin SYMBOL

    Carp landing net from the popular SYMBOL product series, which is characterized by an excellent price-quality ratio. And it was this aspect that we tried to adhere to as much as possible with this product.

    The landing net is characterised by an unconventional solution of the head, which at first glance attracts with a brown net sewn on reinforced black tunnels. However, its strong point is found on the solid carbon arms with narrow floats applied along the entire length. Thanks to this, there is no need to buy an extra float and retrieving the fish will be comfortable even with no helper. The net itself has an extra fine structure with mesh dimensions of only 3x3 mm. Each catch will be safe and there is no risk of its unwanted lost. The arms of the head are fitted with stainless steel connectors at the end, which allow easy connection to the handle.

    The two-part handle is a visually very impressive part of the landing net. It is made of slim structured carbon with sufficient strength to pull out the largest carp. The handle is coated with a rubber, non-slip layer at the gripping points, which makes it comfortable to handle in all circumstances. For a thorough connection to the head, a minimalist stainless steel connector is used, which is connected to the handle by means of a reinforced glued thread.

    Technical parameters:

    Handle material: carbon fiber
    Total length of the handle: 183cm
    Transport length: 117 cm
    Handle weight: 280g
    Head weight: 660g

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001500 Carp landing net Delphin SYMBOL
    58.95 €
    101001501 Carp landing net Delphin SYMBOL
    59.95 €
    101001502 Carp landing net Delphin SYMBOL
    60.95 €
    101001627 Spare net for Delphin SYMBOL
    13.49 €
    101001628 Spare net for Delphin SYMBOL
    14.49 €
    101001629 Spare net for Delphin SYMBOL
    15.49 €

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