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    Delphin ATAK! Dynamic shoulder bag

    A practical bag from the ATAK! range designed especially for anglers who are on the hunt for carnivorous fish and who like to fish dynamically and want to explore all of the interesting places in the area. In the upper part of the bag you will find a storage space with an adjustable dividing partition, thanks to which you can always organize and store equipment as needed. The inner side of the lid also holds a pocket with zip, where you can store parts of your fishing equipment and thanks to its mesh design you always know what is in it . The lower part of the bag has a space in which you will find two practical plastic boxes for baits, lures and other accessories. These boxes are separated by a detachable partition. The boxes themselves also have partitions, which can be arranged as needed. It is solely up to you how you want to adjust all of your storage space and what you store in it. The sides of the bag are equipped with mesh pockets for various small items and that just add even more practicality on top of this product.

    The bag was overall designed with an emphasis on practicality, lifespan and durability. The bag is thoroughly padded on all sides for maximum protection of the accessories inside. The entire lower part of the bag is fitted with a reinforced, waterproof layer. which means there is no problem when placing the bag on a wet surface. This further contributes to the fact that the bag is also extremely stable on the underside and holds it shape.

    High-quality zips on the outer side are equipped with plastic pullers on an orange strap. The pullers are wider at the end so they are easier to get a hold of. Orange accessories make the bag clearly visible even in the twilight and to be able, so the fisherman always knows where he put it. The bag is made from a light and yet durable black fabric. Equipped with a grey strap designed to be worn over the shoulder. The bag is complemented by our unique grey ATAK! camouflage finish with outlines of carnivorous fish.

    Technical parameters:
    Dimensions of the bag: 32x21x25cm
    Dimensions of the upper space: 30x20x10cm
    Dimensions of the under space: 30x20X10cm
    Dimensions of the side pocket: 20x15cm
    Dimensions of the box: 27x18x4cm

    Plastic box
    Size: 270x180x40mm
    Number of fixed compartments: 6
    Compartment size: 4.3 x 17.1 x 3.5 cm
    Number of removable folders: 12

    Optional box for separate purchase with the bag: Box Delphin TBX One 273-6P-clip

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001512 Delphin ATAK! Dynamic shoulder bag
    53.95 €

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