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    Delphin ATOMA RaceBase armchair

    RaceBase is a premium feeder chair that will attract the attention of demanding fans of this fishing technique. The basis of the chair is an extra strong iron construction, with a burgundy finish, characteristic for the products from the ATOMA series. Due to its design and the material used, it will not have a problem even with heavier weight categories of fishermen. The seat and back part is sewn from a very durable fabric and carries several interesting ergonomic and design elements. The soft padding guarantees that you will feel as comfortable as possible even during a longer fishing or feeder race. The individual legs of the chair are inserted from the side into the tubes with a square profile, thanks to which any overturning is prevented. In addition, they are tightened by a screw mechanism obliquely to the edge of the profile, which prevents damage and deformation of the individual pipes. The front pair of legs, compared to the back, has significantly elongated top tubes. This solution is not common, but it is an absolutely functional detail. Thanks to the longer leg, you can place more elements on this profile, and such design gives the chair much greater variability. You will have everything at hand at the same time. All four legs are extendable and are also equipped with high-quality articulated heels made of solid plastic. Thanks to this, the chair will be able to be spread out even in uneven terrain. In addition, the heels prevent the chair from sinking into the ground, in the case of a softer surface. When designing, we also thought about the stability of the chair, and therefore we added a locking mechanism to the front pair of legs, which prevents the chair from tilting and subsequently overturning when using large and heavier feeder arms. Maximum comfort, elaborate and extra stable - this is the Delphin ATOMA RaceBase chair!

    Technical parameters:
    Seat size: 50x50 cm
    Backrest height: 55 cm
    Seat height: 40-50 cm
    Weight: 6.5 kg
    Shipping dimensions: 73x60x10cm
    Chair leg diameter: 25mm
    Total height: 95 - 105cm
    Width: 65 - 85cm

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101001518 Delphin ATOMA RaceBase armchair
    104.95 €
    101001465 Feeder tray Delphin Atoma FlatWORK
    26.99 €
    101001466 Feeder arm Delphin Atoma ProfiARM
    45.99 €
    101001475 Feeder arm Delphin Atoma EasyARM
    21.99 €
    101001474 Feeder rod holder Delphin Atoma MULTI
    10.49 €
    101001471 Feeder rod holder Delphin Atoma BEND
    11.49 €
    101001510 Transport straps Delphin Eazy TRANS
    16.99 €

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