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    Delphin CROSSTRAQ trolley

    A luxury fishing trolley designed by the Delphin brand, which will aid you in bringing everything you need for fishing no matter where you go. The basis of the frame consists of extra strong iron tubes with a square profile and a side length of 22 mm. No question, this trolley can carry a really large amount of equipment. The generous storage area also provides enough for placing large pieces of equipment, i.e. deck chairs or armchairs. On the sides the trolley is equipped with massive side rails that ensure that all of your equipment stays in place. The front side rail is raised and thus prevents the loaded equipment from moving in a more effective way. This is also aided by two rubber straps with adjustable length that come supplied with the trolley and that are intended for perfect fixation of the transported equipment. The trolley has a large and wide wheel with a tread pattern, thanks to which you can easily manage crossing hard terrain, very uneven terrain or even mud. The wheel is fastened to the trolley with screws and can be removed after use, which contributes to smaller transport dimensions. An indisputable advantage is also the support legs with the locking pin. Thanks to them, the trolley always stays in its place. The legs are extendible and equipped with feet, which means they can be adapted to the terrain and prevent the trolley from tipping. For those who still need more transport space, there is also the option of a large bag (dimensions - 50x30x30 cm) that can be attached using buckles to the lower part of the frame. Thanks to the volume of the bag (45 L), you can pack a lot of equipment in it that would be more difficult to pack on top of the trolley. The trolley is fitted with two handles with a rubber handhold for a better grip. These make the trolley very easy to push. The handles are fastened to the trolley, similar like the wheel, using screws, and these can also be removed after use, making the trolley even more compact. So if you are a fisherman looking for interesting places that are hard to reach by car, the Delphin CROSSTRAQ trolley is the right solution for you!

    Technical parameters:
    Disassembled size: 125x70x78cm
    Transport dimensions: 80x72x20cm
    Storage area dimensions: 80x65cm
    Dimensions of side panels: 66x26cm
    Front panel dimensions : 84x40 cm
    Strap length: 60cm

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