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    Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green

    From the beginning of development of this product, our intention was to bring design-unique shoes that will meet the requirements of anglers for maximum functionality and comfort while worn not only for fishing, but also in everyday life.

    And the result? Delphin OCTO - ultra light EVA foam slippers, inspired by nature, completely designed and manufactured in the European Union!

    Due to the fact that it is often necessary to walk on uneven terrain during fishing, we focused on the development of the sole, which is significantly stronger and more massive compared to the cheaper competing models. This guarantees that walking in these shoes will be as comfortable as possible and perfectly filters out uneven terrain. We reamin focused on the sole for a while. This is where the story of the name OCTO begins. We have stylized it in the shape of octopus tentacle suction cups, which guarantees an excellent grip in all conditions. It was octopus, English OCTOpus, or Latin OCTOpoda that was the inspiration for the complete design and the name in abbreviated form - OCTO.

    Another sophisticated elements are the large side openings, whose role is to take care of ventilation and overall airiness of these shoes. They are intentionally not designed at the sole level, as is the standard, but slightly higher. It is this detail that plays an important role during a stay on the shore or in shallow water. By the holes being slightly higher above the insole, the unwanted scooping of sand or stones between the sole and the foot is almost eliminated. So your feet are protected as much as possible. In addition to these openings, a thick perforation located in the upper part serves as ventilation. It is intentionally shaped on one side into the D symbol from the Delphin logo, and on the other the O symbol reigns as the initial letter of the OCTO name. The overall impression is further enhanced by the fine structure on the surface of the soles, which evokes the skin of a squid. Thanks to the EVA material used, they are extremely light, tough and even float. Of course, this model has a loop for fixing the heel (popularly called the closure), which you will appreciate especially in uneven or sloping terrain.

    Delphin OCTO are simply stylish summer shoes, with a unique design, with a very wide range of uses. Whether you need slippers for the interior, to go fishing, bathing or in the city. OCTO are here to guide you through all the pitfalls of the day comfortably and easily. The only downside is that they are not suitable for alpine tourism, but thanks to the other versatility, you will definitely not miss it :)

    As the shoes are made of EVA material, in addition to many advantages of that, care must also be taken with this material. Therefore, do not store it in direct sunlight on hot stones or concrete for a long time. This is where the temperature can be up to 50 degrees Celsius, which can cause subtle shape deformations. Of course, if the shoes are on feet, this does not happen and the lifespan is counted on years.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101002453 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002454 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002560 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002561 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002455 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002456 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002457 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002458 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002459 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €
    101002460 Clogs Delphin OCTO / lime green
    11.90 €

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