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Veľkosklad rybárske potreby MOSS.SK spol. s.r.o. – veľkoobchod, rybársky eshop

Veľkosklad rybárske potreby MOSS.SK, Delphin, FIN

Tester (FR)Lucas Perez
Tester (CZ)Jakub Pecka
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  • Rodpods and Rod rests
  • Fishing lines
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    Spare parts
    How to choose a spare part
    Spare parts are numbered in the form - Product name # number. The number after the # grid indicates the part of a specific spare part. Especially for rods, the smallest number #1 is the tip, and the largest is the handle. The handle will be marked as #2 for the two part rod. For three part rod the handle will be marked as #3, because #2 is the middle part. The exceptions are feeder rods, where the tip is not the spare part itself, and the mark #1 represents the uppermost part of the blank itself - the part where the feeder tips are inserted.

    Power bank Delphin POWERA / 30 000mAh

    This power bank will become an irreplaceable piece of equipment on your fishing trips, on the road, or outdoors, where you don’t have an immediate electricity access. The capacity of 30,000 mAh is enough wherever you are. You can easily charge your phone multiple times as well as a headlamp, a GoPro camera, or other electronics.

    It has two USB ports to charge two devices at once. One of them has a 1A current and the other has a 2A current for an extra fast charging.

    A digital LCD display shows the remaining battery, and after depleting it, you can simply recharge it by using one of the two USB ports (Micro USB, USB-C).

    To ensure the best level of safety, Powera is protected against overvoltage, overheating, or short circuit. It’s also protected against overcharging, so you can leave the charger in, even if it’s 100 % charged. You don’t need to worry about depleting the whole battery, because this device is equipped with an over-discharge protection too.

    In case you need it, you can use it as a light; there’s a LED diode that lights up when you double press the button on the side.

    Technical information:

    Dimensions: 150x70x30 mm
    Battery: Li-ion
    Capacity: 30,000 mAh
    Inputs: Micro USB, USB-C
    Outputs: DC 5 V/2 A, DC 5 V/1 A
    Weight: 612 g

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