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    Spare parts
    How to choose a spare part
    Spare parts are numbered in the form - Product name # number. The number after the # grid indicates the part of a specific spare part. Especially for rods, the smallest number #1 is the tip, and the largest is the handle. The handle will be marked as #2 for the two part rod. For three part rod the handle will be marked as #3, because #2 is the middle part. The exceptions are feeder rods, where the tip is not the spare part itself, and the mark #1 represents the uppermost part of the blank itself - the part where the feeder tips are inserted.

    Delphin PVA n’tastic spare mesh / 10 m - 25mm

    This spare PVA mesh takes longer to dissolve, and it’s ideal for warmer months or for fishing in deeper waters, where your rig takes time to sink to the bottom. It’s a high-quality product made in EU. Thorough stitching work prevents the mesh from tearing, and it’s easy to fill with even very fine particles. This way, you’re able to use your lure and your bait right on the rig.

    PVA mesh will dissolve in the water depending on its temperature and release the bait near the lure to make it more attractive for the fish.

    Attention: PVA products are water-soluble, manipulate with them only when your hands are dry to prevent any product damage or deformation.

    Technical information:

    Diameter: 25 mm (narrow)
    Length: 10 m
    Solubility time: around 40 seconds/20 °C water

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101002974 Delphin PVA n’tastic spare mesh / 10 m - 25mm
    25 mm (narrow) / slow melting
    6.99 €

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