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    Spare parts
    How to choose a spare part
    Spare parts are numbered in the form - Product name # number. The number after the # grid indicates the part of a specific spare part. Especially for rods, the smallest number #1 is the tip, and the largest is the handle. The handle will be marked as #2 for the two part rod. For three part rod the handle will be marked as #3, because #2 is the middle part. The exceptions are feeder rods, where the tip is not the spare part itself, and the mark #1 represents the uppermost part of the blank itself - the part where the feeder tips are inserted.

    Delphin AMULET Spin

    Catch more and pay less with a versatile and affordable spin fishing rod Amulet spin.  This rod is a great solution for both beginners and professionals who are looking for quality for a reasonable price. It will surprise you with outstanding features and unique design.

    Thanks to meticulously selected materials and modern production technology, we were able to create a balanced rod that is sensitive enough to detect small bites and at the same time sturdy enough to swiftly hook and fight even trophy fish. It’s robust, durable, and it can handle the toughest challenges over a long period of use. With a parabolic action of this rod, you’ll enjoy fighting even smaller fish. It’s fitted with high quality SIC guides to minimise the line friction.

    The reel seat with a special shape provides a comfortable grip that won’t put a strain on your arm when you fish all day. The reel seat is reliable, and you won’t have to worry about a loos reel during casting or fighting.

    The end of the handle has an EVA foam coating for a comfortable antislip grip.

    When designing the rod we haven’t forgotten about the looks. At first glance, you will notice a specific glossy Bordeaux colour that perfectly matches with the black. The matte and shiny black colour creates an exclusive combination with golden elements and inscription. The end of the handle is widened and has a shape of a gem.

    Delphin Amulet Spin is a reliable rod for everyday fishing with great qualities and an even better price. We’re sure that it will win the hearts of many anglers, and it will bring along a lot of fine catches!

    Model: Delphin AMULET Spin | 180cm/30g
    Number of parts: 2
    Blank diameter above the handle: 10,1mm
    Number of guides: 7
    Transport length: 96cm
    Weight: 112g
    Handle: Shrink
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 30cm

    Model: Delphin AMULET Spin | 210cm/30g
    Number of parts: 2
    Blank diameter above the handle: 12,2mm
    Number of guides: 8
    Transport length: 110cm
    Weight: 130g
    Handle: Shrink
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 32cm

    Model: Delphin AMULET Spin | 240cm/30g
    Number of parts: 2
    Blank diameter above the handle: 13,4mm
    Number of guides: 9
    Transport length: 126cm
    Weight: 158g
    Handle: Shrink
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 33,5cm

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101004437 Delphin AMULET Spin
    22.95 €
    101004438 Delphin AMULET Spin
    23.95 €
    101004439 Delphin AMULET Spin
    24.95 €

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