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    Spare parts
    How to choose a spare part
    Spare parts are numbered in the form - Product name # number. The number after the # grid indicates the part of a specific spare part. Especially for rods, the smallest number #1 is the tip, and the largest is the handle. The handle will be marked as #2 for the two part rod. For three part rod the handle will be marked as #3, because #2 is the middle part. The exceptions are feeder rods, where the tip is not the spare part itself, and the mark #1 represents the uppermost part of the blank itself - the part where the feeder tips are inserted.

    Delphin MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method

    A fine tuned fourth generation of MAGMA rods that are considered as the absolute legends on the feeder scene.

    There are tens of thousands of sold MAGMA rods to prove it and we dare say, millions of caught fish. There is no better test, than a test of time when it comes to fine tuning a rod. That’s also one of the reasons why it’s called LEGEND4RY.

    MAGMA has a typical Bordeaux colour and time-tested slim blanks that act as a base for the fourth generation. It would be a pity not to kick it up a notch, so we added a few new design and technical tweaks.
    Just like the previous version, MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method is a well balanced rod with great power and sensitivity. By using quality carbon and innovative fabrication methods, the blank is very slim and lightweight while still staying sturdy. It’s very resistant against mechanical strain, which means increased durability of the rod. With an impressive casting weight, it allows long-distance casting even with the heaviest rigs. Plus, these properties guarantee good control during fights, even with trophy fish. The action of the rod is semi-parabolic, it absorbs the aggressive movements of the fish and decreases the chance of unhooking during a fight.

    In comparison with the previous model, we changed the position and the type of guides. Our main goal was to optimise, balance, and lighten the rod and to prolong the casting distance. After a long term development process, testing and adjusting the positions, we managed to achieve this goal and now you can cast your rigs even further and more precisely than before. Quality SIC guides guarantee smooth run of the line and they eliminate friction.

    The shape and the material of the handle is changed as well. The cork was replaced by a durable EVA foam, and an ergonomic shape of the handle is narrower in the middle with a cut-out and a hatching pattern. These details are unique, elegant, and practical, since they increase comfort of your forearm during manipulation.
    The tips underwent some changes too. Proper positioning of the guides and their size make the tip very lightweight and the blank balanced. The rod comes with 5 types of tips in different hardness.

    We could go on about other details of MAGMA LEGEND4RY for thousands of words, but why? Just take it to the water and you’ll quickly realise why it has become a legend!

    The tips designed for MAGMA LEGENDARY are also compatible with the previous generations of MAGMA rods.

    Technical information:

    Model LEGEND4RY Method 360cm/215g
    Number of parts: 3 + tips
    Blank diameter above the handle: 13,8mm
    Number of guides (rod + tip): 7+6
    Transport dimensions: 126cm
    Weight: 270g
    Handle: EVA foam
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 48cm

    Model LEGEND4RY Method 400cm/215g
    Number of parts: 3 + tips
    Blank diameter above the handle: 14,5mm
    Number of guides (rod + tip): 7+6
    Transport dimensions: 139cm
    Weight: 298g
    Handle: EVA foam
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 50cm

    Model LEGEND4RY Method 430cm/215g
    Number of parts: 3 + tips
    Blank diameter above the handle: 14,8mm
    Number of guides (rod + tip): 8+6
    Transport dimensions: 148cm
    Weight: 326g
    Handle: EVA foam
    Handle length (from the bottom of the rod to the reel seat centre): 53cm

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101004475 Delphin MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    360cm/215g/3 parts
    83.95 €
    101004476 Delphin MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    400cm/215g/3 parts
    87.95 €
    101004477 Delphin MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    430cm/215g/3 parts
    89.95 €


    101004478 Tips set MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method / 5 pcs
    29.95 €
    101004479 Tip MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    Light - orange /CarbonGLASS/ 1 pcs
    7.99 €
    101004480 Tip MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    Medium - green /CarbonGLASS/ 1 pcs
    7.99 €
    101004481 Tip MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    Heavy - white /Carbon/ 1 pcs
    9.99 €
    101004482 Tip MAGMA LEGEND4RY Method
    Ultra Heavy - pink /Carbon/ 1 pcs
    9.99 €

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