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    Delphin MANTRA

    Carp large capacity reel Delphin MANTRA is a model which won´t let you down even in the most extreme conditions. It is built on strengthened construction which base is a massive metal leg passing to the body of the reel. This guarantees its extraordinary stiffness even when braving a big fish. Its long durability is secured by a massive gearing proportioned for the most comfortable braving of even the biggest fish. A perfectly shaped handle adds to is comfortability.
    The smooth run is guaranteed by 10+1 bearings and 4.1:1 gearing. The package consists of 2 brake types (slow drag and quick drag). This allows you to choose its effectiveness and power by yourselves. The basic reel comes with spool of the size 12000. This conic spool with a cast edge provides without a rival the best and smooth unwinding of the reel and sufficient capacity to fish in long distance. By buying the spool of the size of 8000 you will only add possibilities to this extraordinary reel.

    Technical parameters:
    Spool capacity 12000 mm/m: 0.28/980, 0.30/850, 0.32/750
    Spool capacity 8000 mm/m: 0.28/700, 0.30/600, 0.32/530
    Gearing: 4.1:1
    Number of bearings: 10+1
    Weight: 774g
    Glossy brake - slow
    Matt brake - fast

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    286034010 Delphin MANTRA
    71.95 €
    286034090 Spare spool Delphin MANTRA
    13.49 €
    286034095 Spare spool Delphin MANTRA
    13.49 €

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