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    Delphin CARBOLITE

    CARBOLITE has justly earned its spot as our top model! Especially in terms of weight and the exclusive materials used to make it. The 2500 sized model weighs an unbelievable 210g, which is 16% less compared to any reel of similar size. It is as light as a feather and, when combined with a light rod, you can spend the whole day fishing and never feel a thing. You might even forget that you are holding a piece of fishing equipment in your hand. The all-carbon body encompasses a precise mechanism with an ideal gear ratio of 5.1:1. The 8+1 bearings ensure smooth usage. Our specially designed lightweight aluminium coil is very shallow and the special holes also provide considerable weight loss. The spool has a casting edge making each and every cast very comfortable and accurate. The metal handle is also lightweight and is attached to the reel by means of an internal screw, making the connection between the body and the handle very strong and reliable. The handle knob is ideally robust and made of comfortable and soft EVA foam. The bail is made out of coarse and tough wire. The line roller has a golden finish. Though it is just a small detail, it perfectly complements the overall black and gold design of this unique reel and we are rightfully proud of it. CARBOLITE is designed for everyone with great taste in reels, who also enjoy luxury and lightweight materials since they spend all of their free time next to water. We can wholeheartedly recommend using this reel in combination with our flagship spin fishing rods of the UnitY series.

    Technical parameters:
    Model: Delphin CARBOLITE 25
    Line capacity S (shallow) mm/m: 0.16/170, 0.18/130, 0.20/100
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Bearings: 8+1
    Weight: 210g

    Line capacity 25 D (deep): 0.16/200, 0.18/160, 0.20/130

    Model: Delphin CARBOLITE 35
    Line capacity S (shallow) mm/m: 0.18/150, 0.20/130, 0.22/110
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Bearings: 8+1
    Weight: 232g

    Line capacity 35 D (deep): 0.18/300, 0.20/240, 0.22/200

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    286040250 Delphin CarboLite 25
    99.90 €
    286040350 Delphin CarboLite 35
    99.90 €
    286040251 Delphin CarboLite 25 S - shallow spool
    size 2500
    14.90 €
    286040252 Delphin CarboLite 25 D - deep spool
    size 2500
    14.90 €
    286040351 Delphin CarboLite 35 S - shallow spool
    size 3500
    14.90 €
    286040352 Delphin CarboLite 35 D - deep spool
    size 3500
    14.90 €