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    Catkong MOBY 60

    Extremely strong, a whole-metal reel always prepared for even the biggest challenge! The target group are fishermen who are keen on catfish fishing or fans of sea fishing. Sea fishing is possible as we have completely adjusted mechanism for salt water. Catkong MOBY is perfect to be used with Catkong series rods. When fishing beyond the point of average loading, you must be able to rely on your reel for 100% at any time. Even basic model of MOBY has carbon brake pads which increase the effect of the system as well as they are not influenced by changes in weather, humidity compared to common felt pads. The inner mechanism is well- dimensioned and strengthened in the way so that you do not notice the limits of reel even after long-time use. Gearing rate is 4.6:1 and there is a set of 6+1 high-quality bearings inside. The handle knob is also made of metal and it is fastened via inner thread which actually is the strongest possible connection without any backlash. The handle is very comfortable and will fit into
    your hand perfectly as well as it is always prepared to work effectively and spin this extraordinary reel.

    Technical parameters:
    Size: 60
    Capacity mm/m: 0.25/600, 0.30/415, 0.35/305
    Gearing: 4.6:1
    Weight: 530g
    Bearing: 6+1
    Spare spool included: no

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    289029170 Catkong MOBY 60
    6+1 BB
    99.90 €
    289029171 Spare spool Catkong MOBY 60
    6+1 BB
    22.90 €