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    Delphin AP8 FlatLux

    Extra-high bed AP8 FlatLux with a flat and really resistant metal construction is rightly considerable as our top comfortable and luxurious model of fishing bed chairs. A really spacious size of the mattress of 210x90cm offers a true relax during fishing and camping trips. The mattress is so comfortable due to its three soft fleece panels of khaki colour in the combination with a 600D green cloth. The head part is made of the combination of black and khaki fleece. In its bottom part there is a special washable material. In case your bed chair is dirty from your muddy shoes, you can easily clean it with a brush and water. The firmness of the mattress can be changed in its head, leg and middle part by means of strong straps that won´t stretch after being used for a long time. Each pair of legs can be locked be a bayonet pin so there is no unwanted tilt or irritating folding leg when moving the bed is the past. Inner two pairs of legs have strengthened construction. The seating feet of the legs are flexible, massive and allow adjusting to any uneven terrain. The height of the bed-chair is 40cm and after unfolding the telescopic legs, the height of legs is up to 57cm. Such a high bed offers extreme comfort for lying down and sleeping. The mattress is from the bottom part and above the joint mechanisms strengthened by means of rubberized cloth. The speciality is it inner space with a zipper under the head part. There you can place things that you need to have close to you at night. It is a great place for placing in the mobile phone, a receiver, a lamp or a bottle of water. After being folded it can be fixed by a strap with a plastic clip. This strap can be removed. AP8 FlatLux is perfect bed chair of the highest quality made perfectly into every single detail.

    Technical parameters:
    Size of the mattress: 210x90cm
    Height of the bed: 40-57cm
    Bearing capacity: 200kg
    Fixed joint: no
    Reinforcement of the middle part: yes
    Reinforcement of the head and leg part: yes
    Weight: 13,2kg
    Transport size: 95x80x34cm

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