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    Spare parts
    How to choose a spare part
    Spare parts are numbered in the form - Product name # number. The number after the # grid indicates the part of a specific spare part. Especially for rods, the smallest number #1 is the tip, and the largest is the handle. The handle will be marked as #2 for the two part rod. For three part rod the handle will be marked as #3, because #2 is the middle part. The exceptions are feeder rods, where the tip is not the spare part itself, and the mark #1 represents the uppermost part of the blank itself - the part where the feeder tips are inserted.

    Delphin FLR Carbon / 100%

    With the Delphin brand, you get 100% fluorocarbon fishing line. Delphin FLRCARBON mastered the weakness that plagues most fluorocarbon fishing lines on the market - it has got high knot strength and greater flexibility which allows for perfect bait presentation. Fluorocarbon is a special fishing line because it has got a similar light refraction index like water, making it virtually invisible water. The fluorocarbon's density is almost 80% higher than water density and 60% higher than that of the standard nylon fishing line. For this reason, fluorocarbon is a fishing line that sinks extremely fast. Delphin FLRCARBON is therefore an ideal choice for creating fast-sinking kits for catching wary fish in crystal clear water.

    Diameter/Bearing capacity: 0.125mm/2.8lbs 0.148mm/4.1lbs 0.185mm/6.0lbs 0.205mm/8.1lbs 0.35mm/17lbs 0.45mm/21.7lbs 0.60mm/35.2lbs

    Please note: Limited factor for bearing capacity is the knot. In case you notice unwanted knot on your line, immediately cut it off and make a new rig again. The way you tide your knot significantly influences its bearing capacity. Tightening the knot should be done slowly and carefully.

    Delphin guarantee: The information on the label regarding the diameter as well as its bearing capacity is real. Please do not compare with competitors labels. Delphin´s numbers are real with the tolerance +/- 10%.

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    500663125 Delphin FLRCARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,125mm 1,3kg 50m
    4.79 €
    500663148 Delphin FLRCARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,148mm 1,9kg 50m
    4.99 €
    500663185 Delphin FLRCARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,185mm 2,7kg 50m
    5.29 €
    500663205 Delphin FLRCARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,205mm 3,7kg 50m
    5.79 €
    101004148 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluorocarbon
    0,23mm 4,2kg 50m
    6.49 €
    500705026 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluorocarbon
    0,26mm 4,8kg 20m
    4.79 €
    500705030 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluorocarbon
    0,30mm 6,4kg 20m
    5.29 €
    500705035 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,35mm 7,7kg 20m
    5.39 €
    101000232 FIN FLRCARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,40mm 10,1kg 20m
    5.99 €
    500705045 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,45mm 12,3kg 20m
    6.49 €
    500705060 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluocarbon
    0,60mm 16,0kg 20m
    8.79 €
    500705090 Delphin FLR CARBON - 100% fluorocarbon
    0,90mm 30,0kg 20m
    15.49 €

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