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    BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs

    Twisto JIGER screw heads have been prepared for you in weights from 5 to 30g, so that you can perfectly adapt to the conditions for hunting predators. Their great advantage is especially the possibility of using any size of treble hook. You can also choose the distance between the hook and the load head. This allows you to react on time eg. for cautious shots into the tail of the rubber lure. Vice-versa, if fish reliably attack the head and body of the bait, using a shorter rig you won´t lose your shots. A key factor is the conquering phase . Twisto JIGER, together with the used rig or rigs, largely eliminates the loss of fish during the fight. After the shot, the predator pulls out the hook attached to the rubber, and we overwhelm it only on the rig that moves freely. The fish does not tend to use the lever of the classic jig hook and does not cut out. The use of JIGER is very simple. Determine the center of the rubber bait with the central "mandrel" and screw JIGER in a slow motion. Attach the carabiner with the main fishing line / lead to the upper eyelet and attach the rig / rigs with the treble hook to the lower eyelet. Thanks to Twisto JIGER load you can prepare the assembly of rubber lures very efficiently. Screw part is 26mm long and 5mm width. Package includes 3 pieces.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    669002005 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 5g
    1.29 €
    669002075 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 7,5g
    1.59 €
    669002010 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 10g
    1.89 €
    669002125 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 12,5g
    2.09 €
    669002150 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 15g
    3ks 15g
    2.39 €
    669002200 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 20g
    2.59 €
    669002250 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 25g
    3.09 €
    669002300 BOMB! Twisto JIGER / 3pcs 30g
    3.39 €