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    Catfish single hook CATKONG SuPOWER / 4pcs | BEND-O

    The curved eye of the CATKONG SuPower BEND-O fishhook predestines this type for use in catfish assembly, in an assembly with another type of hook. This shape is mostly used as a second hook (closer to the fishing rod) when fishing with a live or a dead fish bait. Chemically sharpened, forged fishhook is extremely strong and does not break even under heavy load. The hook tip holds very well when hooking. The CATKONG SuPower hooks are made using Nor-Temper technology, i.e. by heating and subsequent slow cooling of the metal. This process results in a higher strength and a slight flexibility of the fishhook. This means that the fishhook does not break when you fight a fish and there is no risk of losing the fish. This type is very suitable for sea fishing if you are focused on sea burbot, halibut or codfish, or you fish using the "big game" style in warm seas.

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    967925600 Catfish single hook CATKONG SuPOWER / 4pcs
    6/0 BEND-O
    1.69 € In stock from
    15th October 2020
    967925800 Catfish single hook CATKONG SuPOWER / 4pcs
    8/0 BEND-O
    2.49 € In stock from
    15th October 2020
    967925100 Catfish single hook CATKONG SuPOWER / 4pcs
    10/0 BEND-O
    3.29 €