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    Digital scale Delphin ULTRA + Light ZUUM

    Digital scale Delphin ULTRA + Lamp/Light Delphin ZUUM

    Digital scale Delphin ULTRA
    A great scale with a high quality make will attract by its uniqueness and it is easy to use. The whole system is ingeniously placed in the handle which is ergonomic and easy to hold even with a heavy fish. In addition the handle is extraordinary strong and you can use it to weight fish of up to 50kg with the accuracy of 10g. It has function TARE, LED display and you can select your preferred weighting units (g, kg, lbs, oz).
    The scale switches on by pressing ON/OFF button and it is ready to weight in just 3 seconds. Short press of UNIT button you can select the weighting units which are displayed in the right part of the display. You can change units even after locking the weight. In case of using function TARE you can place a weighting bag on the scale, then press TARE and the scale will be set to zero which means that after placing fish into bag you will get an accurate weight of fish itself. To use function TARE you only press TARE button and it will be shown at the top of the display. The scale can be switched off by ON/OFF button.

    Technical parametres:
    Height (scale body): 8cm
    Height (with hook): 15,5cm
    Width: 12cm
    Scale capacity: 50kg
    Weight: 120g
    Power supply: 2x AAA bateries (included in package for free!)

    Lamp/Light Delphin ZUUM
    A hand light that is a necessity for all your fishing trips, Delphin ZUUM is very compact due to its size and very easy to carry. Thanks to its multi-functional usage it is irreplaceable companion when light condition gets worse. It can be used as a classic hand-light its light illuminates directly from its head. After turning its head its middle part can be pulled out and turned into a lamp. This lamp is self-standing as well as it can be hung due to its wire hook. And there still some more advantages of this light. Its inner LED light has three levels of illumination, strong, dipped light, flashing stroboscope. There are infinite numbers of possibilities how Delphin ZUUM can be used, from a classic hand light to hanging lamp, light for your bivvy, positional light.... ZUUM is available in three colours: green, orange and blue.

    Technical parameters:
    Size: 10x4x4cm
    Power supply: 3xAAA

    The light Delphin ZUUM is imported in colourful counter presenters and each of them contains 18 pieces of the light (6x green, 6x orange, 6x blue).

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    DEC180016 Digital scale Delphin ULTRA + Light ZUUM
    do 50kg
    15.89 € 11.99 €