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    Delphin Static + 2 x alarm ARES

    Set: Delphin Static + 2x Delphin ARES

    Delphin STATIC:
    Tripod Delphin STATIC BRWN is a strong and high-quality product where you can comfortably fit 3 rods at the same time. You can unfold it quickly and easily in a few seconds when you go fishing. Thanks its ability to adjust it should suit any angler. You can set the length of its legs, inclination of the upper part as well as its length or even height of the bar. The length of the legs can be set by turning their bottom parts clockwise, it will release and you can set the length you require and fix it by turning it in an opposite direction. The tripod´s body also has a round-level that shows you the best and most balanced position. All tripod´s metal parts are well made and their surface is additionally coated by brown powder colour which makes tripod´s design more attractive. Plastic parts are made of resistant ABS material which prevents tripod from any damage. Everything is packed together in a well-made transport bag with a place for every single part.

    Technical parameters:
    Number of rods: max.3
    Height of legs: 40-65cm
    Setting of upper part length: 75-130cm
    Width of the front bar: 43cm
    Width of the back bar: 38cm
    Weight: 2,5kg
    Transport size: 85x35x5cm

    Delphin ARES:
    Simple and resistant bite indicator ´- it is ARES bite indicator from Slovak brand Delphin. The unquestionable advantages of this bite indicator are its 100% water resistance, a wide blank stick (suitable for placing telescopic blanks) and its 9V battery. The indicator´s body is made of strong plastic resistant to rough handling. It is fitted with two LED lights and the bite tune volume can be set by rotating wheel. Delphin ARES – the bite indicator that will never let you down.

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    17th July 2018

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