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    Bivvy Delphin YURTA NEO ClimaControl

    A new improved generation of the king among the large bivouacs. YURTA NEO is characterized by its generous space, providing a perfect refuge during long stays by the water. You can place 3 loungers in this bivouac without any problems, while there is still enough space left for comfortable operation by the water. The basis of the bivouac is a massive three-rib construction with upper reinforcing struts. In addition, however, it has two struts on the sides, thanks to which the bivouac acquires even better stability. In combination with quality fabric and completely taped seams, this bivouac can handle any weather conditions. In the front there is a large visor with a length above the entrance up to 70 cm! Thanks to the visor, it will not rain on the shoes left in front of the bivouac and during a severe storm it will prevent raindrops from reaching the mosquito net of the door. The peak also has two rod holders. Inside, there are also 2 hooks on the ceiling of the bivouac, for hanging a lamp for example.

    In the front part, in addition to the door, there are also two windows. Both are mosquito nets with the possibility of transparent foil windows or the possibility of full fabric. Foil windows are part of the package, so you don't have to buy anything extra! However, with the YURTA NEO model, we also thought about better ventilation of the bivouac and applied our sophisticated CLIMA CONTROL system to it. This system consists of two fans on opposite sides (above the front door and above the rear window). Thanks to this ingenious system, it is possible to ensure air circulation in the interior of the bivouac at a time when it is not possible to ventilate through large windows. You will definitely appreciate it especially at night, when it significantly helps to reduce condensation on the inner walls. In addition, the entire system is easy to operate from inside the bivouac.

    An additional bonus compared to the previous generation is the zippered floor. A zipper is sewn on the ground along the entire inner perimeter, thanks to which insects, rodents or water enter the bivouac. For easier construction of the bivouac, the floor has a marked entrance.

    It is possible to buy a blanket for the bivouac, which is made of the same material as the bivouac. By fitting it on the bivouac, you will gain furetehr closed area about 40 cm in front of the bivouac under the peak. In addition, the cover will improve the thermal insulation properties of the bivouac. The Delphin YURTA NEO bivouac offers the maximum possible comfort and will satisfy even the most demanding fishermen!

    Technical parameters:
    Outer size: 380x310x180cm
    Bivouac height: 180 cm
    Tip length: 70cm
    Bivouac transport dimensions: 130x35x35cm
    Bivouac weight: 14kg
    Bedspread transport dimensions: 60x20x20cm
    Bedspread weight: 4.5kg

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    101000357 Bivvy Delphin YURTA NEO ClimaControl
    319.90 € In stock from
    6th March 2021
    101000677 Overwrap Delphin YURTA NEO
    149.90 €

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