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  • Delphin GT6 Carpath

    When designing this bed-chair we were determined to design six-legged bed-chair which is the exact opposite to standard models with thin mattresses and weak construction. Our six-legged, strong construction which creates the base for this bed-chair was made very precisely into every detail. Bearing surface of the legs is very sturdy and flexible which means that they can adjust to any uneven ground. There is a comfortable mattress placed very carefully on the construction. It is attached to the construction by means of rubber belts and extra reinforced cloth. As the result, there is less visible wearing-out of this mattress even after several years of the use as well as it keeps all its use and comfort value. High comfort- these are the words that can be used to define this visually interesting bed-chair. The thick mattress is made by the combination of 600D cloth with a camouflage printing of Carpath and nice fleece cloth layer which is placed in the middle and goes up to the head part. It is fitted with a belt with connector which makes its transport much easier.
    So called UNIQ Bag puts the bed-chair to a new level and it is included in the package. It is a carry-on bag (20x15cm) which is anchored on already made connectors. You can place your mobile phone or documents to it. Thanks to the universal belts with Velcro zipping you can simply hang your bag on your belt or move it to the bed´s construction and have it by your hand at all times.

    Technical parameters:
    Mattress size: 205x75cm
    Bed´s height: 30-38cm
    Bearing capacity: 140kg
    Fixed joint: no
    Reinforced middle part: yes
    Weight: 9,50kg
    Transport size: 80x85x30cm

    Camouflage CARPATH is a unique and patented design pattern which combines camouflage visual make and carp shapes which together make camouflage design. This unique and irreproducible design is made completely by Delphin and pushes the borders of your fishing equipment to brand new dimension.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock
    410095960 Delphin GT6 Carpath
    132.90 €
    420220275 Delphin Area BED Carpath bed bag
    39.90 €

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