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    Rod case Delphin Sherpa 2.5

    This Delphin 2,5 chambers rod case is exactly what every angler longs for. Enough space, its lightness, strength and resistance make this case number one in its category. Thanks to the use of the best materials, the case is resistant towards rough handling. The zippers have been tested several times to prove high strength and power. As seams are well made they guarantee the long durability and life of the case. The case can be worn in two ways, either carried in hands by means of comfortable grips or worn on your back when you draw soft straps around your shoulders.

    SHERPA contains two main chambers that can be loaded with 2 mainly telescopic rods together with their reels. The third, so called a half-chamber can be used to carry another telescopic rod but without the reel as well as it can be used to store any other fishing accessories.

    There are additional pockets placed on one side of the case (25x23x5cm) that can be used for storing your glasses, lamps, pliers, bite alarms and any other accessories. On the other side of the case there is an extra- long pocket with a zip that is designed for storing a fishing landing net. Bank stick can also be fitted in a case. This case can really accommodate most of the fishing accessory.

    Technical parameters:
    Model: Delphin Sherpa 100
    Size of the case: 105x25x24cm
    The length of the side pocket: 90cm
    The case for 2 telescopic rods with reels + 1 rod or any other fishing accessory

    Model: Delphin Sherpa 130
    Size of the case: 135x25x24cm
    The length of the side pocket: 120cm
    The case for 2 rods 360cm/3 with reels + 1 rod or any other fishing accessory

    Model: Delphin Sherpa 145
    Size of the case: 145x25x24cm
    The length of the side pocket: 135cm
    The case for 2 rods 390cm/3 with reels + 1 rod or any other fishing accessory

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    430404200 Rod case Delphin Sherpa 100/2.5
    35.90 € In stock from
    15th July 2020
    430404230 Rod case Delphin Sherpa 130/2.5
    36.90 € In stock from
    15th July 2020
    430404245 Rod case Delphin Sherpa 145/2.5
    37.90 € In stock from
    15th July 2020