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    Hooks Delphin Feeder SMUTER ring / 10+1pcs

    Hooks of a red series Delphin HOOKAIDO are designed for every day fishing trips. They are very resistant, sharp and don´t lose their shape even after being used many times. They are made of high quality material. Thanks to their colour and size difference of this series every angler can choose the most suitable one. Asymmetric package 10+1 enables anglers more simpler choice of a hook needed.

    Delphin HKD Feeder SMUTER is a hook perfect for fishing with a method feeder technique. It is ideal with a combination with pellets, corn, mini boilies or other lures places on a hair montage away from a hook. Its rounded shape keeps and holds the fish perfectly even when it is without an anti-tip. There is no need to worry. The surface of the hook is coated with TEFCON layer.

    Technical parameters:
    - with a guide
    - without an anti-tip
    - curved axis
    - cross section: round

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    622060016 Hooks Delphin Feeder SMUTER ring / 10+1pcs
    1.49 €
    622060014 Hooks Delphin Feeder SMUTER ring / 10+1pcs
    1.49 €
    622060012 Hooks Delphin Feeder SMUTER ring / 10+1pcs
    1.49 €
    622060010 Hooks Delphin Feeder SMUTER ring / 10+1pcs
    1.49 €