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    Hook Delphin THE END Carp BATTLE

    An excellent series of top-quality carp hooks is called THE END: Thanks to its sophisticated shape and unique Japan material, each of these hooks is the synonym of ultra-high strength and the highest possible sharpness. The hook has got perfect matt surface finish from high-resistance Teflon. The guide of the hook sits perfectly on the shoulder of the hook so there is no gap or a sharp edge on it.
    Type BATTLE is designed for wide spectrum of carp fishing techniques. Do you like using boilies, corn or pellets? Or are you a fan of straighteners or you prefer to fish without them? You can rely on the BATTLE at any time. It is a type of the hook that is a must of every carp fishing equipment!
    Technical parameters:
    - with a guide
    - with a barb
    - a straight axis
    - cross-section: flattened

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    623002002 Hook Delphin THE END Carp BATTLE #2
    3.89 €
    623002004 Hook Delphin THE END Carp BATTLE #4
    3.89 €
    623002006 Hook Delphin THE END Carp BATTLE #6
    3.89 €
    623002008 Hook Delphin THE END Carp BATTLE #8
    3.89 €