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    Delphin THE END Skin RIG / 2pcs

    High resistant towards the strongest fights! End rig is made of high-quality components THE END with hard-coated line and set with SKIN RIG. This model will appreciate all fishermen who prefer end rigs and who are keen on the top quality. The bonus is its unbeatable price.

    The rig is made of these components:
    - Hook THE END Enemy (#4/#6)
    - Shrink tube THE END
    - Line FIN 6K with hard coating
    - Hard anti-tangle rubber THE END (4cm)
    - Swivel THE END (#4)

    The series of THE END in a unique camouflage G-Round make- the ideal deflection of the light under the water surface makes these products almost impercible articles of water world. Partialy transparent brown colour combined with black matt parts are the right recipe for faultless presentation of the lure. First-class details, long durability and reliable systems, this is THE END! Because the end rig is the beginning of your fishing story!

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    830410624 Delphin THE END Skin RIG / 2pcs
    3.59 € In stock from
    16th March 2019
    830410626 Delphin THE END Skin RIG / 2pcs
    3.59 € In stock from
    15th April 2019