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    THE END GRIP Set / 3pcs

    Among the set of GRIP we have also added the mostly used types of needles and a drill for tough baits. At a very reasonably priced package you can find the needle LeadCore which can be used on a lead line or as a universal needle. Model Safety with a sharp point can be used for impaling or passing through tough baits. If you want to use a really stone-dried boilies you can use a drill to make a hole. The drill is included in the set. All products GRIP are fully designed by our designers´ department in cooperation with the team of testers. They are packed in ecological recycled case which is environmentally friendly. GRIP products have comfortable rubberized handle in distinctive colours which eliminates their loss. The hardened plastic is in camouflage G-round.

    Technical parameters:
    Needle Delphin GRIP LeadCore
    Total length: 84mm
    Needle length 54mm
    Handle: yellow

    Needle Delphin GRIP Safety
    Total length: 84mm
    Needle length: 54mm
    Handle: blue

    Drill Delphin GRIP Drill
    Total length: 60mm
    Needle length: 30mm
    Handle: greenish

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    830600049 THE END GRIP Set / 3pcs
    6.99 €