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    Head Delphin ATOMA FD-R rubberized

    Perfectly made feeder head will fulfil all your requirements. Thanks to its precise design and make you will not find any faults. Rubber black net fitted in light, but strong red aluminium frame. As it is rubber coated, it gets dry very quickly and does not take over any smell. The head fits ideally with light series of ATOMA handles and due to its universal thread it is suitable for most sold handles.

    Technical parameters:
    Rubber coated: Yes
    Size of loop: 10x15mm

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size Retail price In stock Cart / qty.
    942000300 Head Delphin ATOMA FD-R rubberized
    11.95 €
    942000305 Head Delphin ATOMA FD-R rubberized
    13.95 €