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    Set 2x Impala 360cm/2parts + 2x Rocker 60

    SET: 2x Delphin Impala Carp / 2 parts + 2x Delphin ROCKER 60

    Delphin Impala Carp / 2 parts:
    Top class carp fishing rod from Slovak brand Delphin, IMPALA Carp is the top fishing rod with the highest quality rate and its blank made of pure carbon. Extremely thin three-pound blank with a perfect, fully parabolic action and it is fitted with big, 50mm eyes and with a reel seat made by FUJI brand! The blank is extraordinary for its discreet dark brown colour combined with golden details. This timeless design perfectly blends with the surroundings. The blank is coated with a microlayer of abrasion-proof matte varnish which has much more advantages compared to classical glossy varnish. Some of the advantages are its lower weight, it is much more abrasion-proof and durable. Minimalist make solution of the rod´s handle is made with the main influence on its ergonomic holding and easy maintenance. The rod is perfect for long casts and gives you perfect pleasure while braving fish. The rod is available in two or three-piece make and its length is 360 cm.

    Technical parametres:
    Length 360cm / 3.0lbs / 6guides / Weight approximately 320g / Transport length 190cm

    Delphin ROCKER 60:
    At the first look, discreet reel with the soul of a rebel hidden inside, this is how we can describe this new and reliable partner for your fishing trips. During designing it, we focused mainly on the highest quality of all used components that fits together perfectly. Its body is perfectly solid and doesn´t twist or turn even at overloaded. The system of free-running break was tested for years and developed in a way to be resistant towards extreme conditions. Thanks to metal spool and its inner mechanism you can turn this reliable reel at its maximum. Light-weight metal spool offers ideal capacity for carp fishing. Thanks to its reliability, ROCKER is ready to serve its owner for many years and bring its owners happiness from braving of really great fish. Delphin ROCKER is discreet reel with a strong character.

    Technical parameters:
    Capacity mm/m: 0.25/440, 0.30/290, 0.35/210
    Gear ratio: 5.1:1
    Ball bearings: 5+1
    Main spool: 1x aluminium
    Spare spool: 1x PVC
    Handle: aluminium
    Weight: 460g

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    JUN180001 Set 2x Impala 360cm/2parts + 2x Rocker 60
    229.60 € 169.60 €

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